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Telarus, Inc. Releases MPLS Research Tool

A screen shot of Telarus' new "MPLS Finder" tool that shows agents which carriers are the best matches for potential MPLS customers with multiple locations. The tool can deliver instant results for up to 10,000 locations. Sign up today and you can be using this tool tomorrow!
Telarus continues innovation streak with new technology that allows agents to preview which MPLS vendors are the best fit for multiple-location network opportunities. MegaPath celebrates launch of new tool with a 1X MRC SPIFF for all Q3 MPLS sales.

DARPER, UT - July 17, 2008 - Telarus, Inc., premier telecom master agent and creator of ShopforT1.com, ShopforEthernet.net, and VARNetwork.com, today announced it has launched the next generation of enterprise carrier research tools focused exclusively on MPLS networks. Likewise, Telarus has launched a public-facing web site to attract MPLS leads for its agents: www.ShopforMPLS.com.

"We firmly believe that MPLS is the future of WAN networks," commented Adam Edwards, president of Telarus. "We have invested heavily into software development that leverages our vast archive of carrier quotes in order to provide visibility into which carriers have the highest probability of being the best fit for any given multi-location MPLS prospect. This valuable information will point our agents in the right direction every time, increasing their likelihood of closing the sale and maximizing cost savings to their clients."

The MPLS tool was designed from the ground up with the input of many key Telarus vendors, including MegaPath Networks. "When Telarus asked us to review their plans for their MPLS quoting tool and to provide guidance on the direction the software should take, we were more than willing to jump in and help out," said Dan Foster, SVP/GM of Channels & SMB Markets for MegaPath. "This is the first key step to automating the MPLS quoting process, which will allow us to participate in a greater volume of MPLS opportunities that are aligned with our network deployment. We're also pleased to offer all Telarus agents a hefty bonus for all Q3 MPLS sales - it's a win-win-win!"

The Telarus MPLS quote tool is comprised of several new technologies, including:
  • customer-driven site list file upload
  • bulk location upload / SQL record creation
  • dynamically-generated MPLS questionnaire
  • carrier serviceability based upon trailing 18-month GeoQuote archive data
  • quote request standardization for vendors
  • automated price quote turn-around (coming in Q4 2008)
Telarus will pass all of the MegaPath MPLS spiff through to its agents in line with its 100% spiff pass-through policy. The spiff will cap out at $10,000 per deal.

Other vendors that are available through the Telarus MPLS quote tool include: ACC Business, AT&T, Accel Networks, Cavalier, Level3, NewEdge Networks, Network Innovations, NuVox, One Communications, PAETEC, Telnes, TelePacific, TW Telecom, and XO.

"We are so excited to be able to have the IT resources in-house to make this kind of technology a reality for our agents" added Lance Akins, VP of Sales for Telarus. "The kind of partners we are now attracting have been asking us for an MPLS research tool for some time and we are proud to say to the world that we've reached the finish line. With added user feedback we will continue to evolve our technology and eventually build an instant-quoting capability later this year. Agents with an enterprise focus will have more information at their fingertips than ever before in the history of telecom."

About Telarus

Telarus is the number one master agency in 2008 as voted by the members of the Telecom Association and VAR Business Magazine. It is our goal is to make agents and VARs more successful than they can be on their own or with any other master agent. Telarus provides agent tools, automation, and superior support in an atmosphere of cooperation and ethical community. One example of the tools Telarus provides its agents is real-time voice and data price quoting through its patent-pending GeoQuote technology. GeoQuote makes it possible for business shoppers to access instant pricing and availability information for over 30 broadband data and voice service providers which include Accel Networks, ACC Business, AireSpring, American Fiber Systems, AT&T, Cavalier, Covad, Level3, MegaPath, Network Innovations, NewEdge Networks, Nuvox, PAETEC, One Communications, PowerNet Global, Qwest, TelePacific, Telnes, Time Warner Telecom, UCN, and XO Communications.

If you are interested in making Telarus your Master Agent, please contact Dan Watson, Telarus Channel Manager, at (877) 346-3232 or click here further information.

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